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Marketing Strategy

Startee is committed to a comprehensive marketing strategy to expand its brand reach and attract more customers. The company recognizes the importance of a strong online presence and plans to use various social media platforms to promote its products and services.
Facebook and Tiktok will be the primary social media channels utilized by Startee. The company will create engaging video content to showcase its products, services, and capabilities. Tiktok is a platform that Startee believes can be leveraged to target younger audiences and generate brand awareness.
Startee has several fan pages on Facebook, including "Startee", "Startee Fulfillment", and "Parttime Store". Due to ad restrictions, the company will focus on the "Startee Fulfillment" and "Parttime Store" pages to run ads and interact with potential customers. Startee Fulfillment will focus on manufacturing services, including FOB Export, and Parttime Store will concentrate on uniform services and retail.
In addition to social media channels, Startee will create informative and engaging content on YouTube. This will include videos showcasing the company's manufacturing processes, products, and services.
Startee will also optimize its website for search engines and utilize Google AdWords to drive traffic to its site. The website will be designed to provide visitors with a user-friendly experience and showcase the company's capabilities and services.
By implementing this marketing strategy, Startee hopes to reach a broader audience, generate leads, and ultimately grow its customer base.