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In StarteeX, we understand that our investors are a crucial part of our success, and we are constantly seeking ways to reward their trust and support. That's why we have introduced the NFT Minting feature, a unique opportunity for our existing NFT holders to mint new NFTs for future collection campaigns.
The NFT Minting process is simple, and it starts with owning two existing StarteeX NFTs. These NFTs can then be used to mint a new NFT for the next collection campaign. The cost of minting a new NFT is only 95% of the official price of the next campaign NFT. This allows our existing NFT holders to benefit from a discounted price for their next investment.
Please note that NFT Minting is only available up to three times for each NFT holder. This allows us to maintain a healthy balance between the supply and demand of our NFTs, while also ensuring that our existing investors have the chance to continue to grow their portfolios.
By leveraging the power of NFT Minting, StarteeX is enabling our investors to take advantage of exclusive discounts and opportunities. We believe that this feature will play a significant role in driving the success of our platform and further rewarding our investors for their continued support.